New changes in MegaLion’s Smart Staking referral policy!

The affiliate program's commission percentage is set at 5%.

Other affiliates with higher levels will be paid a commission depending on the initial affiliate commission. The specific commission for each level is shown below:



Level 1    5%
Level 2    3%
Level 3    2%

For example, James signs up as an affiliate, then invites Victor, Victor invites Michelle and Michelle invites David.  (James => Victor => Michael => Daniel)

If Daniel brings a referral order with a total amount is 1000$ and the commission percentage set to the affiliate program is 5%, then Daniel (Original affiliate) will get that 5% total commission, other affiliates who are with higher levels will receive commission calculated based on the original affiliate commission. If you set: 


Affiliate level 3 (Michael who invites Daniel) gets 2%,
Affiliate level 2 (Victor who invites Michael) gets 3%,
Affiliate level 1 (James who invites Victor) gets 5%,


Their commissions are calculated as below:


Original affiliate (Daniel): $1000 x5%= $50
Affiliate level 3 (Michael): $50 x 2% =$1
Affiliate level 2 (Victor): $50 x 3%= $1.5
Affiliate level 1 (James): $50 x 5%= $2.5