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We are changing the rules of staking and making it elementarily understandable, engaging and supporting regardless of time and location.


MegaLion is here to offer you financial independence and secure freedom of choice. Providing that for over a decade makes us one of the most trusted crypto staking platforms in the world.


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Countries served



MegaLion’s vision is to become a closed ecosystem providing most of the financial products and services for individuals and businesses globally.

We aim to update and apply the latest platforms, applications and high-tech features to put on the platform, ensuring the best benefit for users.



The team members and collaborators behind the project are multidisciplinary and have extensive experience in Programming, Smart contract & Blockchain, Finance, Trading and Crypto industries along with a high understanding of economic conditions. For the earliest stages of the project, the crew has agreed to remain anonymous.

This decision was made after much thought regarding the nature of Position Exchange and how to create trust in the project's potential rather than in individuals.